Dr. Salata

Dr. Lawrence Salata


I obtained my Doctor of Dental Surgery, (D.D.S.), degree from The Ohio State University in 1989, Bachelor of Arts, (B.A.) degree from The College of Wooster in 1984. To stay current with advances in dentistry, I take over 20 hours of continuing education every year.

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Dentistry is my profession. I am a dentist because I have the wonderful privilege of helping thousands of people to feel better with both their health and emotional well being. My life is about spending time with my children and friends; and pursuing the recreational enjoyment of outdoor activities.

The Little Things

It's the little things in life that count, like being comfortable, enjoying the food we like and laughing with our family and friends. We can help you achieve these things and more with good dental health.

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We need to spend time outdoors with family and friends to achieve balance in our lives as we juggle occupation, family, recreation and physical fitness. Your teeth are important for your health, appearance and well being, and you need strong durable teeth if you want to enjoy your favorite foods.

Call today if I can help, and hopefully you can share with me one of your favorite outdoor activities