Important Message

Announcing Retirement

A letter from Dr. Larry Salata

Hello patients. I know this is sudden and I apologize to anyone caught by surprise. It is with both excitement and sadness that I announce my retirement and transfer of my practice to a highly capable young dentist by the name Dr. Andy Baltzly. Due to continuing and increasing health concerns it is necessary for me to move on. I will be available for several months to ensure this transition is smooth. Any treatment that I have started with you will be completed by me if possible. Please be patient as we undergo this transition as it is the goal of both myself and Dr. Baltzly to provide you with compassionate quality dental care. Dr. Baltzly is immediately available and he will be taking over some of the examinations and treatments immediately.

Dr. Larry Salata

A letter from Dr. Andy Baltzly

I have spent many years preparing for the day I return home to serve the people of my hometown. It will be my pleasure to meet you and get to know you in the coming months. As we get to know each other I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up outside Navarre, and attended elementary school there. It may have been the sweet smell of bread that brought me back.

My parents got my brother and me involved in 4-H at a young age, and though it has taken a backseat to dentistry, agriculture continues to be an interest of mine. Before dental school I enjoyed raising and showing animals at the local and state level. Our focus has now shifted to “sustainable” or “regenerative” agriculture. Please ask about our pastures if you’d like to talk shop, or just need a break from teeth.

I graduated from Fairless in 2008, completed a bachelor's degree in Biology at the University of Akron, and went on to attend dental school at The Ohio State University. After completing dental school, I was accepted into an optional one-year residency at the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City. This proved to be a challenging, but very rewarding year which taught me many skills above and beyond dental school. Working with the veterans is something I enjoyed very much, and will never forget. I even had the distinct privilege of taking care of some vets from WWII, one of whom referred to himself jokingly as “an antique.”

I went on to spend a year in Wisconsin practicing in a mid-sized town which offered many outdoor activities, and cheese curds you wouldn’t believe. The people there were great, and the practice was busy. As the year went on, I realized I needed to live closer to family.

I made the call to Dr. Salata after hearing through a family friend that he might want to retire soon. It was clear that we have a similar personality, and I would be a good fit for the practice. Over the next few months, I will begin practicing, and Dr. Salata will transition into a well-deserved retirement. I am excited to see you all, learn new faces, and reconnect with old friends. And please help me in congratulating Dr. Salata as he begins this next phase of life.

Andy Baltzly DDS