It is important for your child to have a dental examination by age three

We want your child’s first visit to be fun and comfortable. Minimally, we want to examine your child’s mouth for any obvious concerns.

Child's First Dental Visit

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For your child’s first visit, we use two techniques to help them focus on their teeth. The first, is we ask them how many teeth they have and we try to convince them that all we want to do is count their teeth. As I count their teeth with my little mirror and my tooth counter, I am actually checking the teeth, gums, tongue, lips, etc. for any unusual appearance. The second technique is to use the intra oral camera to visually check the teeth on a television monitor. We ask the child if they would like to see their teeth on the T.V., and almost every child loves that idea. Sometimes we use the camera first to settle them down and capture their attention.

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The Toy Box

After the examination, the child gets a toothbrush, toothpaste, flossers, and then the big reward, they get to pick a toy out of the toy box. Depending on the child’s age, and/or on future visits, we will clean the teeth, take radiographs as necessary, and give fluoride treatments. It is best to examine children at least every six months.

Comfort Level

If further treatment is necessary, you and I will discuss the child’s comfort level and ability to cooperate. I do not restrain or medicate any children. If we decide the child’s cooperation may be a concern, I will refer you to a pediatric dentist, who is much better trained and equipped to handle anxious children.

How Many Teeth

For your child’s first visit, treatment visits, or subsequent visits, choose your wording carefully. Just state matter of fact what the visit entails. Say, “the dentist is going to count your teeth”, or “the dentist is going to fix your tooth. ” Please avoid saying “this isn’t going to hurt”, or “you don’t have to worry”, or “you’ll be okay.” Even young children are already keyed in to what those phrases really mean. Again just state matter of fact, and simply what we are trying to accomplish.