Must Know

Dr. Salata explains why people need to go to the dentist.

Your teeth and mouth are the port of entry for nutrition, the port of exit for communication, and the billboard of your health, self concern and personality.

Important Must Know Reasons

  1. If one or more teeth in your mouth is currently broken, chipped, cracked, has a hole, or has a bad taste, it will get worse and eventually hurt or swell and disrupt your life. if your gums are red, swollen, taste bad or easily bleed, you may have a gum infection, which will also worsen over time. It's easier to control the treatment of your mouth rather than have the pain controlling you. save money in the long run by treating teeth before worse problems occur.
  2. If you have teeth with large fillings, and you have been chewing with those teeth for several years, it is likely that you have , or will have cracked or fractured enamel of those teeth. If you experience a pain while chewing, sensitivity, or have had a piece break off, then you need to restore those teeth.
  3. If you are in a business or sales position, you know that appearance does matter. Your teeth and smile are a large factor in one's appearance and confidence. You may not need a dazzling white smile, but obvious visual defects should be fixed. The cost to do so will be a wise investment in the success of your career.
  4. If you are active socially, in a relationship, or seeking a companion, the appearance and freshness of your mouth is a factor in personal relationships.
  5. Medical research has shown a link between dental disease and medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory infections. To help prevent devastating medical problems, you must obtain the best possible health of your teeth and gums.
  6. For those struggling with missing teeth, options are available to help you obtain comfortable and confident chewing abilities. Loose lower dentures can be secured with simple implant procedures.
  7. You may have dental problems that you are not aware of. A thorough examination could reveal cavities, fractured teeth, or gum infections that you are not even aware of. A good dentist will visually show you these problems with your radiographs, a small magnifying video camera, photographs or models.