Real Testimonials

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Paul & Sharon Wolodkin

We are so pleased to have Dr. Salata as our dentist.

salata dental

Dr. Salata is a perfectionists. I am extremely happy with my smile now!

salata dental

I am very happy with the service and treatment I receive at Dr. Salata's office. That is why I have been a patient of Dr. Salata's for several years. Dr. Salata and his staff keep me smiling.

salata dental
Julie Harris & Family

My family has been going to Salata Dental since 1995, and we have been completely satisfied with the care and time that Dr. Salata spends with us. My father-in-law needed his teeth cleaned and fixed. I recommend Salata Dental because the satisfaction and price.


I appreciate the pride you put into my tooth today. I just got my second crown done today at your office and for the second time I was pleased. My crown is very comfortable, you can't ask for more than that. It took longer than you anticipated but the end result, your patience and pride, I do appreciate. Thank You Dr. Salata.

salata dental

What I like most about Salata Dental is Dr. Larry's incredibly talented staff. Unlike the revolving door at most dental offices, Dr. Larry's staff has been at Salata Dental for years. It's nice to hear them say, "Hi Tony!" as I walk through the door. And, they remember the little things that you've talked about on previous visits. They get to know you and the things you love, including your family. I truly appreciate their interest in what my kids have been doing. On your first visit, you'll enter as a patient, but you'll leave as a friend.

Justin Woods

Dr. Salata performed the first crown procedure I had to have and I was very impressed by his ability to get the procedure done in one day by actually creating the insert in the office...as a bonus they were nice enough to appease my curiosity and allow me to watch their CAD system create my tooth. Dr. Salata and his staff did a wonderful job with my toddlers dental care. They were very patient with him and on the second attempt actually got him to let them do a thorough examination.